Adult Karate Kid Costume

To hand out candy to the kids this Halloween Eric wanted to be dressed as the Karate Kid so for less than $20.00 we bought the grey sweater at Michaels, the red sweat pants at walmart and the white fabric at Joanns and I set out to throw together a bandanna. Christi at Lemon Squeezy Home gave [...]

NRSG 4600 Informatics Application

Basics of the Internet First you will want to make sure that your computer is relatively new as very old computers are unable to handle the processing power and lack the necessary memory storage to work with high-speed DSL connections. You will want to choose an internet provider such as Century link, Verizon, Comcast, or [...]

Ratatouille Sub

Ingredients 1 zuccini 1 Egg plant 1 yellow squash 1 to 2 red peppers 1/2 small yellow onion 8 oz tomato puree or tinned tomato sauce 1 garlic clove, finely chopped 2 tbsp olive oil salt chilli flakes or piment d’Espelette 1 tbsp chopped fresh herbs, such as thyme sub rolls, or the equivalent length [...]

Feline HIV, Hyperthyroidism, and Allergies

These are my experiences, observations, and opinions and should never take the place of a professional veterinarian physical exam and consultation. My experience of dealing with feline hyperthyroidism, HIV, and Allergies.   I would like to start by saying that I don’t have the heart to limit my cat’s freedom that they have known and [...]

White Rim Back Country Camping

Permits Required First off you have to have a permit to go into Canyonlands National Park back country. There are day permits for those wanting to go to muscle man arch and drive back out. Additionally there are overnight permits, however the overnight permits are not easy to come by! Disbursement Camping Moab Moab has [...]