Locked out of Word Press

I consider myself very new to online blogging and with that comes some growing pains. One of my more recent issues was locking myself out of my Word Press (WP) site after trying to change my primary domain name. I made the mistake of logging into the WP-admin, going to settings and changing the domain [...]

Snowboarding Clothes for Women 101

I have been snowboarding for five or more years now and was lucky that someone could teach me the ropes when I first started so that I didn’t waste my time, energy, and money on useless stuff. So lets begin!! When you first start out snowboarding everything is going to seem expensive but its better [...]

Feline HIV, Hyperthyroidism, and Allergies

These are my experiences, observations, and opinions and should never take the place of a professional veterinarian physical exam and consultation. My experience of dealing with feline hyperthyroidism, HIV, and Allergies.   I would like to start by saying that I don’t have the heart to limit my cat’s freedom that they have known and [...]